Faculty of Sciences

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Name of the Faculty Designation Date of Joining Email Phone
Prof. Chanchal Chaudhuri Professor of Physics, University of Gour Banga
Professor Sudipta Kumar Sil Professor of Botany sksbot@gmail.com
Dr. Sukanta Majumdar Assistant Professor of Botany smajumdarwbes@gmail.com
Dr. Abhijit Sarkar Assistant Professor of Botany abhijitbhu@gmail.com
Sri Chandan Barman Assistant Professor of Botany chandan.047@gmail.com
Sri Swarnendu Roy (On Lien) Assistant Professor of Botany swarnendu.kc@gmail.com
Dr. Sougata Pal Associate Professor of Chemistry sougatapal_1979@yahoo.co.in
Dr. Shubhamoy Choudhury Associate Professor of Chemistry shubha103@yahoo.com
Dr. Sadananda Mandal Assistant Professor of Chemistry sadtin.mandal@gmail.com
Ms. Debasmita Saha Assistant Professor of Computer Science debasmita.saha@hotmail.com